Yes, we were friends.

हाँ, हम दोस्त थें। हम दोस्त थे तबतक , जबतक आप किसी और के हुएँ। फिर उस आग में, न हम रहें, न वो वक्त।


Fairytale at last.

Wistfully watching the heroine’s bracelet getting stuck in the hero’s shirt. Little did she know, years later, her stethoscope would do the same magic with his labcoat


Reasons to give up are limitless. But you need to grow a pair, become strong and surprise me with your success one day. It’s not your time to go, yet.

Wishing I wasn’t yours,

The suicide note you wrote


Every evening, he would greet her with a kiss on the cheek after a long day at work. They would catch up on each other’s day and end the day with a smile, grateful for another day together. It was a happy family.

Little did she know, there was a photo frame on the wall with a garland around it since 20 years.

Of stares and whispers

The ones you stare at, the ones you make fun of. The ones who may be adorned by pretty jewellery one day and dressed in a crisp suit the next.The ones you call by crass names and the ones who’s nomenclature you’ve turned into a verbal insult.Yes, them. They are employed. They are grateful for the opportunities they’re being offered. They are working today and earning an honest day’s bread and butter, unlike so many of you, who are served drinks by them- who come to their workplace to ponder over your guilt of being irresponsible. Yes, I’m talking about them, whose morals you question, when your character can be easier to question. They are present at their workplace, everyday, without fail, impeccably dressed in their uniform and being treated with the respect and affection they’re worthy of; something which cannot said about you. They may be odd to look at, by the conventional standards of beauty, but who said that you’re a runway model? Why is their character certificate being given by you? You, who, despite the best of opportunities fail to retain a stable job, who, despite having a lovely family to go home to, seek pleasure elsewhere? Who are you to call them, respectfully or otherwise? They are what they are and having embraced this identity, are stronger than ever and not afraid of jabs by ignorant folks like you.
They are present everywhere, these ignorant folks. It just needs perception to distinguish the literate from the educated and broad minded.

Human nature

Where are you today, oh wandering mind? Are you soaring in the nectar of triumphs or plummeting into the abyss of nothingness yet again? I think the latter.
What is it, about human nature? What makes you unique? No matter how many successes you achieve over the course of years, no matter how much you try to be unaffected by the ‘nay’ s, your thoughts always go back to the one heartbreak, the one KT, the boy who got away, the one setback which made you try a thousand times for success? Why is it that despite all these years, all these attempts at penance, you always go back to something that shatters you, even you try to be at peace? Why not think of something happy, why not believe that you deserve happiness? Why think that you deserve to be repentful all your life for that one mistake which you did almost a decade ago? What was your folly? That you fell in love, at school? Or that the boy who was your best friend called you a slut because he didn’t have enough guts to be honest with you, that he was insecure to approach you? Is it your fault then, that when the others figured out his real face, cut off all ties with him? Why do you still feel regretful that you practically ostracized him from the community, alienating him even from his childhood friends? What about your suffering, all those hours you spent pondering over the events, with a blade in your hand, wondering if you should let the crimson liquid flow and distract you from thinking at all? What is that going to account for, whom was that for? Why did you feel like you already betrayed your loved ones; holding the sharp object and still didn’t care enough to stop? Shouldn’t that matter? Thank God you had that flicker of hesitation. Thank God you’re still breathing. You were a good person to whom just bad things happened. Isn’t it a joyous occasion, a blessing that you didn’t stop trying to get through another day and stop crying over spilt milk? It is he who should be ashamed. He who should be embarrassed that he betrayed you this way, a friend you thought you knew and trusted. You don’t need to be bitter to hold onto all the betrayals, you can forgive. You will forgive because you have that one power that he will never have, or rather understand. Love and forgiveness. This doesn’t mean that you forget everything and start going in an unending circle with the one who got away again. Absolutely not. You would be a fool to not learn from your mistakes; your naiveness which got you in so much trouble already. One’s a mistake. ‘Twos’ are a disaster waiting to happen. Will you then let your heart take over your mind? Will you be brave enough to start your life on a fresh note?
Only time and a few more sleepless nights will tell, where you wander the depths of endless possibilities of ‘what if s’.

Sound of silence

In a world where social media shines brighter than social life, invitations for life changing events are made by electronic mail instead of personally meeting and greeting people, why do you curse loners so much? In a world where people are only bothered about themselves, making friendships of convenience rather than feelings, why whine for company? How would it be, if the entire world embraced solitude than disgrace it? Won’t it be fun if everyone was left to be as comfortable as they felt, in whatever form they choose? How would it be, if in an alternate universe, all social gatherings would be held with customised headphones, where there would be no noise pollution and no problems due to one D.J. belting out songs which nobody except them, listen to?
Won’t be it a more beautiful world where crazy was accepted, weird was fun and all the misfits were allowed to happily co-exist with the seemingly ‘normal’ people? We don’t need to sit in our comfortable cabins and put people into categories. We don’t get to be God. We don’t need to judge people. The world needs more love, for all kinds of people-‘fat’, ‘short’ and ‘dumb’ included (as the elite people would like to call them). Like they say, ‘you need perception to hear the sound of silence.’a

Interns or pests?

Hello, everyone. I’m speaking today to all of you as an intern from a prestigious medical school in Mumbai, one which is supposedly deemed but has the most irrational working pattern in terms of overburdening people. What is it with the Junior Residents ( read, post graduate STUDENTS, not even fully qualified yet ) and arrogance? We all know that you are knowledgeable and hence you’ve acquired a post graduate seat. But why treat interns as your slaves? Admitted that we’ve not accomplished in life as much as you have, including that coveted post graduate seat which you acquired in ways I best refrain from mentioning here, but technically we have graduated too ; successfully completed the MBBS course, earned the right to be called doctors, which by the way, has been recognised as the world’s most difficult course. Then, tell me why, dear ‘seniors’ ( you may or may not be deserved to be called that, with respect ) do you treat us worse than the domestic help at your homes? Tell, me honestly and I’m addressing the system this time, has an entire batch of upcoming doctors, throughout the country, chosen this ‘noble profession’ to be talked down upon, first by you and then by ignorant relatives of the patients whose lives we save, sacrificing our time, sleep and comfort?


Those songs aren’t about me. I’m not the girl with the Kohl lined eyes like a dove; I’m not the girl with a smile which lights up someone’s world. I’m not the girl who sashays up to you with the dazzling, confident smile. I’m not the girl who’s dancing in that club making all the guys go crazy.  I’m not the girl who walks into a room and makes it her stage ; I’m not someone whose aura signifies strength and invisibility. Neither am I the girl with fancy clothes and a perfect life, nor am I the girl who’s faultless and brilliant in everything she does. Then, tell me, darling, why do those words make it seem so, when you’re the one humming their tunes?