Loneliness. Solitude. How many times have we heard these two words? Do we really know their meaning? 

So tell me, have you ever been among a group of your so-called best friends and felt lonely? Have you been in a room with the people you’ve considered closest to yourself and felt lonely? 

So tell me, have you been in a seemingly good position in life and still felt lonely? Have you climbed that hill just to see how it feels, inspite of your fear of heights? Have you gone to an outing just to make everyone think that you’re okay? Have you ever entered a party and regretted leaving the comfort of your home instantly?

If the answer to any of the above questions were in the affirmative, tell me, how many of you have thought of approaching someone for help? How many of you have actually managed to gain access to help? 

So tell me, how many of you reached out to that particular person, with  the hope that you’ll receive help? 

Did you take that one step,one more step towards the counselor’s office? Did you reach out to your mother, father or sibling? Go ahead. Please. Take that one more step. Try to recognise the joy in “being”, in living. 
Don’t listen to the narrow minded people when they say , ” Oh, crazy people need help. Psychologists and psychiatrists treat crazy people.” No. Remember this. You are beautiful. You are loved. You are a good human being. Your mistakes don’t define your entire being. We make mistakes to learn from them. Mistakes don’t define ‘you’. You are much more than  that. You deserve all the love and happiness in this world.   

Trust me, even as you are reading this, there is a loved one of yours back home, anxiously waiting for you to return home. So go that extra mile, take all the  help you need, take all the time you need to heal. You are amazing. It is just you who needs to keep that in mind, always. 

Lots of love.


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